Volusia County Speeding Ticket for Driving Thirty Miles or More Above the Speed Limit

Perhaps you have recently received a speeding ticket for driving thirty miles or more over the speed limit in Volusia County. If so—you are not alone. In 2013, there were 374 tickets given in Volusia County for driving thirty miles or more over the speed limit. In 2014, that number was up, at 401, and in 2015, up even slightly more at 404. There are specific rules governing speed tickets for traveling thirty miles or more above the posted speed limit, particularly the fact that there is a mandatory court appearance for these speeds. This means you cannot simply write a check and mail it in, rather you must appear before a judge.

You can, however, have an attorney appear on your behalf—a particular advantage if you were only traveling through Volusia County and are not a resident. You can also have an attorney appear with you—a move which will ensure the judge realizes you take the matter very seriously, as well as give you a more professional appearance before the judge. Judges rarely take excuses given by those accused of speeding very seriously, however when your attorney offers an explanation for your speed, it is likely to be given more weight.

Points on Your Driving Record

Perhaps one of the worst things that can occur if you are found guilty of speeding thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit is that you will receive four points on your driving record—or six points if an accident occurred because of the excess speed. Under Florida law, if you receive twelve points within a twelve-month period, you could lose your license for a month. If you receive eighteen points within an eighteen-month period, you could lose your license for a period of three months, and if you receive twenty-four points within a thirty-six-month period, you could lose your license for period of a year.

However—and this is very important—even if you have not reached the number of points which will trigger a license suspension, the judge can, at his or her discretion, suspend your driver’s license due to the speed you were going over the speed limit. The points which go on your driving record will then trigger an increase in your automobile insurance premiums. In some cases, your auto insurance company may drop you entirely. If you have no insurance, you cannot drive, even to and from work.

If your points trigger a suspension, you cannot drive, although you might be able to secure a limited license to drive to and from work. Being unable to drive can affect your entire life, potentially even costing you your job, if you are unable to get to and from work. If your job is dependent on a CDL license, you could find yourself without a job as well. Finally, if you are applying for a job, your potential employer has the right to look at your driving record, so points on your license could cost you a job you are otherwise well-qualified for.

Fines for Your Speeding Ticket of Speeds Thirty Miles or More Than the Posted Speed Limit
You could find yourself paying as much as $500, depending on a variety of issues. The judge will take the circumstances of your ticket into consideration, as well as your prior driving history, and will also make his or her decision based on input from the ticketing officer. If you were ticketed in a construction zone or a school zone, you could pay double the normal fines. If you received a ticket for driving fifty or more miles over the posted speed limit, and are found guilty, you will pay a minimum of $1,000 in fines and fees.

How Was Your Speed Measured?

In the state of Florida, your speed might have been measured via pace clock, radar or laser. In rarer instances, it could have been measured through aircraft speed detection or VASCAR (Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder). Pacing is not a method used much across the nation, but occasionally an officer will use pacing. The officer must first catch up to a suspected speeder, then maintain a specific distances from the vehicle for at least 2/10ths of a mile. If there are hills and curves or a significant amount of traffic, pacing can be less than accurate.

Radar is commonly used, however because it puts out a fairly wide beam, there is the potential that the reading is actually from a larger vehicle in your vicinity. Radar devices are also less-than-accurate in wind, rain and otherwise stormy weather. Both radar and laser devices must be calibrated and maintained on a regular basis, and the officer using the device must be trained and certified. Laser is relatively accurate, however its accuracy is dependent on the officer holding the device very steady, or operating it on a tripod. All of these methods of speed detection have flaws which can lead to challenges by your attorney.

How We Can Help

If you received a ticket in Volusia County for driving thirty or more miles over the posted speed limit, it could be extremely beneficial to speak to an attorney from The Law Place. We have many years’ experience, helping people just like you, and we fully recognize the importance of keeping points off your driving record. We can question the officer who issued our ticket to ensure all procedures were properly followed, as well as challenging the device used to record your speed. Don’t face a speeding ticket on your own—call The Law Place today.

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