There are lots of lawyers that hold themselves out as “ticket lawyers”. Our firm approach at The Law Place is different as we have multiple Super lawyers and AVVO 10 rated attorneys in the firm. David Haenel, one of the partners, is the former Florida Bar Traffic Court Rules Committee Chairman. That means that David was in charge of over 20 lawyers and Judges who were members of the committee that recommended changes or additions to Florida’s traffic court rules. In fact, David was on the committee when the Florida Supreme Court adopted Traffic Court Rule 6.445 which requires a law enforcement officer to list the type and serial number of the speed measurement device used in issuing you a speeding ticket in Florida.

Our office has been successful in getting hundreds of citations dismissed on that issue alone.

Aside from the involvement within the profession, our lawyers are intricately involved in understanding how the “devices” work. Our office owns a Dual Stalker Radar and a laser gun. Moreover, David took the same laser/radar course that every law enforcement officer in Florida must take. He even trained on the Laser Atlanta Laser device, the same device used by the Florida Highway Patrol.

You will be hard pressed to find another law firm in Florida who spends the time training its lawyers on the details necessary for an officer to succeed in prosecuting a 30 over speeding ticket in Florida. In certain circumstances we will order the in-car camera dash cams, body cams, maintenance logs for the speed measurement device, and pilot radio communication on Florida Highway Patrol aircraft details.

David Haenel has personally observed the painting of a set of white lines in the roadway, the same lines that are used by the Florida Highway Patrol in aerial speed enforcement.

Call The Law Place today to speak with someone about your 30 over speeding ticket. We will get your through this!