warrants-suspensions-traffic-ticketWhen people call our office they will often ask us how did the officer clock me. In the State of Florida if you receive a 30 over speeding ticket the officer must disclose the method or type of speed measurement device as well as the serial number of the device. There are several primary speed measurement devices used in Florida when issuing speed tickets:

1. Radar-almost every FHP car has a department issued radar, commonly this unit is Dual Stalker Radar manufactured by Applied Concepts in Plano, Texas. It’s called Dual Stalker because it usually is used with two antennas, one in the front and one in the rear. This radar can be used in both the moving and stationary mode and with a remote control to turn the antennas off and on so as to make it hard to be detected with a radar detector.

2. Laser-a laser device is usually more accurate than a radar device since it’s vehicle specific. That means that an officer looks through the laser scope, pulls a trigger and receives a distance between him and your vehicle as well as the speed that you are traveling. Laser guns must be used in the stationary mode. The Florida Highway Patrol has lots of Laser Atlanta devices in their fleet but other agencies have other ones including LTI 20/20, LTI Ultralyte, Laser Technology TruSpeed, Kustom Pro Laser 3, and Stalker Lidar.

3. Aircraft-throughout the State of Florida the Florida Highway Patrol uses fixed winged aircrafts for aerial speed enforcement.

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