St. Lucie County Speeding Ticket for Driving Thirty Miles or More Above the Speed Limit

If you were ticketed for driving thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit in St. Lucie County, you may think you will simply write a check, drop it in the mail and get on with your life. Unfortunately, in speeds of thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit, the rules are different, and you cannot pay the ticket and forget about it. In reality, you should not ever just pay a traffic ticket, as there are many better ways to handle the ticket, which will allow you to preserve your driving record.

There is a mandatory court appearance for those who are ticketed at speeds of thirty miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit. You can appear before the judge on your own—not a good idea—you can appear with your attorney, or you can have your attorney appear on your behalf. The latter two choices are much better solutions to your speeding ticket. The goal will be to prevent points from appearing on your driving record.

When you have accrued twelve points on your Florida driving record within a twelve-month period, you could lose your driver’s license for a period of a month. Eighteen points on your driver’s license within an eighteen-month period will result in a driver’s license suspension for a period of three months, and twenty-four points on your driver’s license within a thirty-six-month period can result in a license suspension for an entire year.

Be aware, however, that the judge in your case can choose to suspend your driver’s license if you are found guilty of driving thirty miles or more above the speed limit, even if you have not reached the necessary points to trigger a license suspension. If you are found guilty of speeding thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit, you will receive four points on your driving record, or if an accident resulted from your speed, you will receive six points on your driving record. If you have received any other traffic citations, you could find yourself without a driver’s license for a period of time.

Further, your insurance company will most certainly raise your monthly premiums if you are found guilty of the offense of driving thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit. In some instances, your insurance company might choose to drop your coverage altogether, once again leaving you unable to drive. Employers are allowed to look at your driving record when deciding on employment, and those points could result in a prospective employer denying you a job you are otherwise well-qualified for. As you can see, it is extremely important to prevent points from being added to your driving record whenever possible.

Other Issues Associated with Driving Thirty Miles or More Over the Posted Speed Limit
In 2013, 556 tickets were given to those driving thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit. In 2014, the number was slightly up at 584, but down in 2015 at 507. Your fine can vary, depending on your prior driving record, input from the officer and the facts surrounding your case, but could range from $276 to $500. If you receive a ticket for driving fifty or more miles over the posted speed limit, you could receive a minimum fine of $1,000. Even if your attorney is able to convince the judge to withhold adjudication in your case, you will still be responsible for paying the fines and fees associated with your speeding ticket. If you were caught speeding in a construction zone or school zone, your fine will be doubled.

In the state of Florida, your ticket was written under statutes 318.183, 318.187 or 318.189, and your speed was measured via radar, laser or pace clock. Your original ticket, which is filed with the clerk of the court, must be signed by the officer and yourself. There are a number of potential defenses your attorney may use in your case, some of which could be tied to the manner in which your speed was recorded. Radar and laser devices must be calibrated and maintained on a regular basis, and the police officer using the device must have training and certification. There are specific issues associated with radar, laser and pacing, and your attorney may use these as a defense as well.

Getting the Help You Need at The Law Place

It is especially important, when you have been charged with driving thirty miles or more above the posted speed limit, that you have an experienced, skilled attorney from The Law Place by your side during the process. The judge will know you take the matter seriously, plus judges most always listen to an explanation from an attorney much more carefully than an excuse from an accused speeder. We will work hard to ensure you receive the best outcome possible in your case, so call The Law Place today.

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