Sarasota County Speeding Ticket for Driving Thirty Miles or More Above the Speed Limit

Each year there are more than a million speeding tickets written in the state of Florida. In Sarasota County alone, the number of speeding tickets written for speeds more than thirty miles above the posted speed limit are as follows: In 2013, 256 tickets were given for speeds more than thirty miles per hour above the posted speed limit, with 288 given in 2014, and 179 in 2015. Knowing you are not alone is probably little consolation as you attempt to deal with your own speeding ticket. If you have received speeding tickets in the past, you may have simply written out a check and dropped in the mail, forgetting about the ticket soon after.

If this is what you did, you might be surprised to know that by paying a speeding ticket, you have essentially pled guilty to the offense, and will have points added to your driving record as a result. In the state of Florida, if you accrue twelve points within a twelve-month period, you could lose your license for a month. If you accrue eighteen points within an eighteen-month period, you could have your license suspended for three months, and twenty-four points within thirty-six months could result in a license suspension for a period of a year.

Speeding tickets written for speeds thirty miles and above the posted speed limit require a mandatory court appearance. This means that, even if you wanted to pay the ticket and receive the points, you would not be allowed to do so without appearing before a Sarasota County judge. Hiring an attorney to appear with you, or on your behalf is extremely beneficial in such a case, particularly if you don’t live in the area and will have to drive back to Sarasota County to appear in court.

Points on Your Florida Driving Record

You may not realize just what a big deal points on your driving record really are. If you are found guilty of the offense of driving thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit, you will receive four points on your driving record, or six points if there was an accident related to your speed. Cases of thirty points or more above the speed limit can also cause the judge to suspend your license, regardless if you have sufficient points to trigger a suspension. Points on your license are also serious because they will result in your insurance premiums increasing dramatically.

In some cases, auto insurance companies will drop you altogether, once you have points on your driving record. Future employers can look at your driving record, and use this information to make a decision on employing you, meaning those points could cost you a job you are otherwise well-qualified for. As you can see, keeping points off your driving record is very important, and can be substantially helped by a knowledgeable traffic ticket attorney.

Fines and Fees Associated with Your Speeding Ticket

Each county in Florida has some leeway on setting fines and fees for traffic offenses, however they are somewhat similar. If you were to be found guilty for driving thirty miles or more over the posted speed limit, you could face a fine from $276 to $500. If you are found guilty of driving fifty miles or more above the posted speed limit that fine could turn into a minimum of $1,000. If your attorney is able to convince the judge in your case to withhold adjudication, you would still be responsible for paying those fines and fees, however if you did not commit another traffic offense within a specified length of time, you would not have the points placed on your record.

The Various Methods of Measuring Speed in Florida

The police officer who issued your speeding ticket could have used a pacing clock, radar or laser to measure your speed, or, in rarer cases, VASCAR or aircraft speed detection. Each of these methods has potential flaws which may allow your attorney to challenge the speed you were clocked at. Laser is used across the country, and is generally considered more accurate than radar. Laser readings can be less-than-accurate at greater distances, and require frequent checks and maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly. Use of the laser gun requires either an extremely steady hand, or the use of a tripod. The police officer must be trained and certified to use a laser gun or a radar detection unit.

Radar sends out a radio signal wave which is wider than that sent out by laser, then waits for it to bounce back. One of the biggest problems associated with radar detection units is that in heavy traffic it can be difficult to pinpoint a single vehicle. Like laser detectors, radar units must be frequently calibrated and maintained. Radar may not work as expected during rain, wind or otherwise stormy weather. A pace clock may be used when the officer pursues a suspected speeder, then stays a constant distance behind the vehicle for at least two-tenths of a mile, while watching his or her own speedometer. Determining speed through pacing is extremely prone to human error, therefore may be challenged by your attorney.

How an Attorney from The Law Place Can Help

If you have received a Sarasota County speeding ticket for traveling thirty miles or more above the posted speed limit, it is important that you have an attorney by your side who thoroughly understands the Florida statutes your ticket was written under (316.183, 316.187 and 316.189). Our attorneys will question the officer who issued your speeding ticket, ensuring all the proper procedures were followed.

When applicable, we will challenge the device used to measure your speed as well. Having an attorney from The Law Place by your side can ensure you present a professional appearance to the judge, and that the judge knows you take the matter seriously. We believe we can assist you in obtaining the best outcome possible for your ticket. Call The Law Place today!

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