Got Caught in Walton County Speeding Over 30 MPH?

Every motorist in Walton County has a duty of care to the other users of the road. This isn’t just common courtesy either. Under Florida Statute 768.81, when you get behind the wheel, you automatically assume a duty of care to act in a safe and reasonable manner to protect the other users of the road.

This is why you can be charged for speeding, and while traveling a few miles over the speed limit will rarely net you a punishment from the law, traveling at 30 mph over the speed limit is seen as a much more serious. If you get caught traveling 30 mph over the posted speed limit, expect to be pulled over and to receive further punishments in Walton County.

This is because traveling 30 mph or more over the speed limit has the potential to cause a much higher risk to other road users and to cause a much higher level of property damage as a result of an accident. The law reflects this, and for that reason, being caught speeding by more than 30 mph can result in points, heavy fines, and a mandatory court appearance.

If you have been caught speeding in Walton County, you should get in touch with a skilled ticket lawyer, like those found here at The Law Place. We know that the law can be a little harsh on those who have been caught speeding and have helped numerous clients receive reduced penalties or have their charges thrown out altogether. We will treat you with respect and help you with unbiased and knowledgable advice specific to your situation.

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The Circumstances of Your Traffic Stop

When you are caught speeding by 30 mph or more in Walton County, you could be charged under Florida Statutes: 316.187, 316.189, and/or 316.183.

Often, it will depend on the police officer who stopped you when it comes to the leniency you are shown. For example, having your speed noted as 29 mph over the speed limit will lead to much less severe punishments compared to 30 mph.

There are certain situations that can lead to you being treated more severely too. Speeding in a school zone or close to an area where children play outside will often mean that you are punished to the full extent of the law if you are found guilty.

What Fines Could Be Associated With Your Speeding Ticket?

In Florida, excessive speeding fines require a skilled attorney to reduce. Different counties have different rules, but in Walton County, you should expect fines to be in the 250-500$ range, doubled to 1000$ if you are caught going 50 mph or more.

They could also rely on the state of your previous record. Clean licenses and first-time offenders will often get lesser fines and a bit more leniency compared to repeat offenders.

While these fines are serious enough, most people worry more about the other consequences that could arise as a result of speeding. These include:

Mandatory Court Appearance

If you are found guilty of speeding, and the speed was 30mph or more over the speed limit, you will have to attend a mandatory court appearance. Explaining this to your boss can be scary for many. Luckily, your attorney can appear in your stead if taking the day off could be detrimental to your career.

However, we do advise you to attend court with your attorney where possible as it proves you are serious and are taking appropriate action.

Judges deal with numerous cases just like yours every day, so using tired old excuses could be a bad idea. The best approach is to listen to your speeding ticket attorney’s advice; they have the experience.

Points on Your Driving Record

For most people, points on their license for a speeding ticket are the worst consequence of all. Points can add up quickly to a license suspension and can massively increase insurance premiums.

If you were traveling 30 mph or over the speed limit and you are found guilty, you will automatically be given 4 points, rising to 6 if there was an accident due to your speeding.

This might not sound too bad, but if you receive 12 points within a single 12 month period, or 18 months within an 18 month period, your license will be suspended automatically in the State of Florida. With so many people relying so heavily on their cars for their day to day life, this can put a real strain on an individual’s life.

What Can a Speeding Ticket Attorney Do for You?

The law treats speeding offenses where the individual was going 30 mph or more over the posted limit extremely seriously. We highly recommend you seek the help of a skilled attorney to help you defend yourself. They will do everything within their power in order to have your case dismissed or your punishments reduced. This will depend on the law enforcement officer and the circumstances of your case.

Your attorney could fight to have your adjudication withheld. They may ask that you are given a certain period to prove you are a responsible road user. If you do not commit any more crimes in this period, you could avoid the points on your license.

Your attorney may also be able to call into question the validity of the charges. Depending on the methods used to clock your speed, they may seek certificates of maintenance as well as asking to see all relevant training the law enforcement officer who caught you has received. If these are not sufficient, they may be able to have your case thrown out altogether.

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