Got Caught in Wakulla County Speeding Over 30 MPH?

Wakulla County, Florida, is home to roughly 30,776 residents and several major routes such as US 19, US 98, and State Roads to 267, 363, and 375. Because of factors such as these, the Wakulla County law enforcement agencies are always alert to find speeders and hand out the necessary citations. In 2013 1,562 drivers were stopped and accused of speeding by the local law enforcement agencies. Areas that commonly receive citations for speeding include Fort Lawson, Wakulla Springs, and Fort Port Leon. If you have recently received a ticket in the Wakulla County area, it would be best to seek legal aid considering the possible penalties that follow such a citation.

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How Your Speeding Is Measured in Florida

If you are searching for a fully comprehensive list of devices that the Wakulla County law enforcement agencies use to measure speed, then the Florida Administrative Code website provides this. Only certain devices have been approved for being used as evidence; the most common devices include but are not limited to:

Radar Gun

A recognized device that is commonly used by the police to measure speeding is a radar gun. Radar, as its name suggests, utilizes radio waves that bounce off of the vehicle. These waves are then used to provide the officer with a speed reading.

For radar guns to be accurate, your vehicle needs to be in sight of the device. Unfortunately, these devices have been known to provide a false reading, and they require a degree of skill to be used correctly. If the officer doesn’t possess a license or their training is out of date, then the ticket can be challenged in court. These standards are clearly stated within Florida Statute 316.1906.

Laser Gun

In Wakulla County, plenty of radar guns have been replaced with laser guns to measure the speed of the vehicle in miles per hour. They appear similar but work differently.

Laser guns function by shining a high powered laser onto the passing vehicle, it then uses this to measure how long it takes for the laser to bounce back to the gun. This is calculated against the speed of light to produce a reading. This method of measurement is generally considered to be more accurate than that of radar guns.

Possible Penalties for Speeding Over 30 MPH in Florida

If you are found to be speeding in Wakulla County, then you could be charged under Florida Statutes: 316.187, 316.189, and/or 316.183. The possible penalties for speeding 30 miles over the posted speed limit can be plentiful and severe in some cases, so it is important you are aware of them. It is highly likely that you will not be given the opportunity to simply “pay off” your speeding ticket, nor will you be able to avoid the points on your license by enlisting yourself on a traffic school course. At such a high level, you will have to appear at a mandatory court appearance, four points will be placed on your driving record, and depending on your driving record, you could face a potential license suspension.

In addition to this, if you have received a speeding ticket for traveling at over thirty miles over the speed limit whilst in a school or construction zone, your fines will then be doubled, and you could receive civil penalties and possibly be mandated to complete traffic school (without having your points dismissed).

Other than these statutory penalties, you may also face other penalties for speeding that not many consider. Driving 30 miles over the speed limit can greatly influence your insurance. There will be a noticeable increase in your insurance premiums, and in a lot of cases, insurance companies will not insure you if you have received a ticket for speeding 30 over the speed limit. As motor insurance is mandatory, this can leave you unable to drive on the road.

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How Many Points Is Driving 30 MPH Over The Speed Limit Worth in Wakulla County, FL?

If you are stopped and charged with speeding 30 mph over the speed limit, then the typical penalty will be to receive 4 points on your driver’s license. Unlike most traffic offenses, if you have been traveling 30 mph over the speed limit, you will not be able to ‘work off’ these points on a traffic course.

Points that have been placed on your Florida driver’s license tend to stay on your driving record and will be counted against you for three years after this offense for insurance purposes. If you accumulate too many points within a specified time period, then your driver’s license could even be suspended or revoked.

How Many MPH Can You Go Over in Florida?

Florida statute 316.1926 outlines the laws regarding speeding offenses in Florida. It categorizes such an offense as a moving violation. A typical speeding ticket in the state, as per this statute, will involve anybody going at least 5 to 21 mph over the speed limit. If it is above 30 or 50 miles per hour, then the penalties become even more serious.

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