Got Caught in Madison County Speeding Over 30 MPH?

If you are traveling only a few miles over the speed limit in Madison County, then you will most likely not be punished because it is not so dangerous or severe an offense. This is not the case if you are driving at more than 29 mph over the speed limit. This carries a much higher risk to the other road users around you and has more potential to cause an accident. If you are speeding this excessively, then you should expect to be pulled over and given a ticket, and then face further penalties. These penalties are often harsh, to match the severity of the offense.

If you were caught speeding in Madison County or anywhere else in Florida, then you need to get in touch with The Law Place and speak to one of our skilled and experienced speeding ticket lawyers. We have fought on behalf of many of our clients and helped get their charges reduced or even dropped entirely. At the very least, we will be able to fight for the most lenient penalties possible.

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The Circumstances of Your Traffic Stop in Madison County

If you are lucky, then police officers may be lenient, and you will not be ticketed if you are caught speeding only a few miles above the speed limit in Madison County. However, the faster you are speeding, the less likely it is that you won’t be ticketed. Because it’s so much more dangerous, if you were speeding at 30 miles per hour or more above the speed limit, then you will be ticketed if caught.

The faster you speed, the more likely it also is that you will receive an accurate ticket. Sometimes, a lenient police officer may give you a speeding ticket for traveling 29 mph over the limit, but oftentimes if you are speeding at more than 30 mph over the speed limit, you will receive a moving traffic ticket for this particular offense.

This ticket brings much harsher penalties and could even lead to your license being suspended, which can have a very negative impact on you if you rely on your vehicle to complete day-to-day tasks like most Americans do. You will also receive an order for a mandatory court appearance and be facing fines, points on your license, and depending on your driving history, a license suspension.

The Consequences That You Face for a Speeding Ticket in Madison County

Many thousands of people receive speeding tickets in Madison County, and for the majority of people, they aren’t a big deal. For those who were caught speeding only slightly above the posted speed limit, they will only have to attend traffic school or pay a small fine. However, for those people who receive a moving traffic ticket for speeding at 30 mph or more above the limit, then they will be facing much more serious penalties. Listed below are the penalties that you will face if you have received this kind of speeding ticket:

  • Fine – Fines range from around $200 to $1000. The amount is completely dependent on how fast you were speeding and where you were caught. It is also influenced by your driving record, the quality of your legal representation, and the testimonial of the police officer who ticketed you. You should also expect to pay any court costs.
  • Mandatory court appearance – In Madison County, you will be expected to make a court appearance if you were caught speeding at or above 30 mph over the speed limit. Whether you have been to court before or not, this can be a very daunting prospect, which is why we highly recommend that you get in touch with a qualified traffic ticket attorney, like those at The Law Place. Our lawyers have vast experience in dealing with the Florida legal system and working cases just like yours. We would be able to guide you through the court process and fight on your behalf for the best possible outcome.
  • Points on your record – In the State of Florida you will be given four points on your driving record if you were speeding more than 29 mph above the speed limit. Unfortunately, in Madison County, you will not be offered the opportunity to attend traffic school to avoid these points. If your speeding caused an accident, then you will be given six points instead. While this may not sound a lot, points on your license can drastically raise the cost of your auto insurance, and if you are given 12 points in 12 months, you will receive a license suspension for 30 days.
  • License suspension – If you previously had points on your license, then the points you are given from speeding may cause your license to be revoked.

The penalties that you face for speeding over 30 mph above the speed limit are severe, and so it’s vital that you contact an experienced and well-equipped lawyer. You can trust that our tenacious attorneys will prioritize your case and fight hard on your behalf for your ticket to be dropped or reduced and to ensure that you receive only the most lenient penalties possible – if any.

Could You Go to Jail?

In the state of Florida, you are very unlikely to be sentenced to jail time just because of a speeding ticket, even if you were speeding excessively above the speed limit. However, you could go to jail if you are convicted of reckless driving. You could also be charged with reckless driving if you were committing another offense as well as speeding, such as driving under the influence.

It is very uncommon that you’d be charged with reckless driving just for speeding 30 mph or more above the speed limit, and it is incredibly unlikely that you could go to jail just for a speeding ticket. If you’re still concerned, though, you should get in touch with a qualified speeding ticket attorney. Call The Law Place to book a free consultation today.

Speak to a Lawyer Today!

If you have received a speeding ticket for traveling 30 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit in Madison County, then you may be facing serious penalties and a mandatory court appearance. Because of this, we advise that you contact a Florida law firm to seek skilled legal representation. A speeding ticket attorney will be able to support and guide you through the process, talk you through the court costs, answer any other questions you may have, and fight on your behalf to ensure you receive the best outcome possible.

Even if your attorney is unable to have your case reduced or dropped, they may still be able to successfully fight to ensure that you receive only the lightest, least severe penalties possible. While you will not be able to attend traffic school if you were speeding over 30 mph above the speed limit, an attorney could get you a reduced fine or even save your license, which would make it undoubtedly worthwhile to enlist in the help of one.

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