Got Caught in DeSoto County Speeding Over 30 MPH?

Usually, a police officer in the state of Florida will not stop a vehicle if they are only speeding a few miles per hour above the speed limit on a freeway or highway and are not endangering others. However, vehicles that are caught speeding excessively over the state speed limits will more than likely be pulled over and handed a speeding ticket.

If you have been caught reckless driving by speeding 30 miles per hour or more above the speed limit in DeSoto County, you should not expect that the police officer will let you off lightly.

We advise that the most important thing to do if you have been caught speeding 30 miles per hour above the speed limit in the state of Florida is to seek the help of a skilled attorney. The Law Place has dealt with hundreds of speeding cases similar to yours, so you can be assured that you will be giving yourself the best possible chance of getting your speeding tickets dismissed. Call us today for a free consultation at (855)-831-7020.

The Circumstances Surrounding Your Traffic Stop

Where you received your speeding ticket will factor into whether a police officer will give you a break by recording your speed for 29 mph over the speed limit instead of 30. If you are caught speeding 30 mph above the speed limit in a construction zone, school zone, or residential area, the chances of a police officer being lenient are very slim. Not only this, but this kind of speeding in these areas can mean that the fines you may face will double. Speeding combined with other traffic violations such as failing to stop at a stop sign or driving whilst distracted by text messages can increase the penalties you will likely face and worsen your chances of being cut slack by a police officer.

In 2012, The State of Florida handed out more speeding tickets than any other state in the US. The number of tickets being handed out is increasing every year. If you have been caught speeding in a construction zone or anywhere else in DeSoto County, contact The Law Place today.

Fines You Can Expect With Your Speeding Ticket

Fines handed out for speeding in the state of Florida vary from one county to another. However, if you have been handed a ticket for speeding, you can expect to receive a fine in the region of $276 to $500. If you have been caught speeding excessively, for example, 50 miles an hour above the speed limit, you will be facing fines in the region of $1000.

The fine that you receive for being caught speeding is not the worst aspect of a speeding ticket. It is crucially important that you seek the legal guidance of a reputable lawyer if you have been caught speeding. A lawyer at The Law Place in Florida will be able to examine your case in a free consultation and advise you of your best course of action.

How Speeding Is Measured by Police Officers

There are a number of ways that police officers measure the speeds that vehicles travel on the roads in Florida. Only a few devices are approved by the state to be used by officers to measure the speed of vehicles. For the full list of devices, visit the Florida Administrative Code website.

Radar Gun

This is the method most commonly used by police officers in DeSoto County to measure speed. A radar gun will allow an officer to measure how fast a person is driving and will give them a figure in mph.

This method works by the machine creating radio waves that bounce off the speeding car and back to the device.

For this device to work accurately, your vehicle will have to be in the direct line of sight of a police officer and their radar gun. These devices can be inaccurate if they’re not being used with a good level of skill. Florida Statute 316.1906 clearly outlines the standards of use for this device.

Laser Gun

Laser guns are becoming more and more popular across the United States. Their appearance is remarkably similar to that of a radar gun, but they operate in quite different ways.

To measure speed, laser detectors shine a high powered laser at a vehicle. This laser then bounces back to the device, and the speed is calculated by the time it takes for the laser to bounce back.

Uncommon Methods

There are a few more uncommon methods that police officers use in DeSoto County to measure speed. One of these methods is called pacing, and it involves an officer catching up to a speeding vehicle and for a set period of time whilst keeping a certain distance to calculate speed. This method can be affected by multiple factors, and so this evidence is commonly contested by defense attorneys.

Impact of Your Speeding Ticket on Your Driving Record

If you are found guilty to have been driving at 30 mph or more above the speed limit in DeSoto County, you will receive four points on your driving record, as determined by the point system. You must take these four points seriously as although they may not seem a lot; it only takes twelve points within twelve months to have your license suspended for a month.

If your excess speed caused an accident, you would have six points put on your driving record. There are more issues associated with driving 30 mph or more above the speed limit in DeSoto County, and they are:

  • An offender will not have the opportunity to attend traffic school to avoid receiving points on their record.
  • A speeding ticket will be charged under Florida Statutes: 316.187, 316.189, and/or 316.183.
  • Fines vary dramatically and depend on the circumstances and facts surrounding the ticket.

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