Got Caught in Citrus County Speeding Over 30 MPH?

All drivers in Florida have a duty of care; this is stipulated by Florida law under Florida Statute 768.81, which means that you should be abiding by the rules of the road, including the speed limits that have been put in place. This is to ensure the safety of all drivers and pedestrians alike.

If you have not endangered anyone and are only speeding a few miles per hour over the limit, you are unlikely to get pulled over by a police officer. But, if you are given a speeding ticket for traveling at 30 mph or above of the set limit, then you will be given a speeding fine and will have to face a mandatory court summons in Citrus County.

If you are caught driving 30 mph or higher over the posted speed limit, there will be severe consequences, as you are not only endangering yourself but also other drivers, which means that the outcomes will be more serious than a generic speeding ticket.

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Fines Associated With Your Speeding Ticket

Speeding ticket fines vary within the state and county you are caught speeding in. They can range between $276 and $500. These fines can also be doubled if you were speeding in a construction or school area. Furthermore, depending on how fast you were caught speeding, these ticket fines can be doubled.

However, the fine can considerably change depending on your driving history, the statement from the police officer, and the situation based on your case.

Having to pay out a lump sum for a fine or receiving points on your license could be detrimental and may affect your everyday life. This is why we advise that you seek counsel from an experienced lawyer to help you reduce the charges.

Other Issues Associated With Your Florida Speeding Ticket

If you have been caught speeding you will most likely simply receive a monetary fine which will need to be paid within a certain time frame. But, if you have been given a ticket for speeding over thirty mph above the posted speed limit, there are additional consequences, such as:

Compulsory Court Appearance

You will have to face a court trial in Citrus County if you have been caught speeding over thirty mph above the stipulated speed limit. This could make you feel apprehensive and anxious. Luckily, if you hire a lawyer, they will go to court and represent your case. This is often a relief, especially if you do not have the time to attend or do not live within the county you were caught speeding in.

It is not worth making up a reason that explains why you were speeding. No reason given to a judge is excusable. If you do have a valid reason you will need to provide concrete proof, if not it is best to keep quiet. A lawyer will guide you in how to proceed and will be able to discuss the matter with the judge on your behalf in a professional manner.

Points on Your Driving Licence

If you have been found guilty of speeding over thirty miles per hour or above the speed limit, you will be given 4 points on your driving license. Furthermore, if your speeding caused a car accident or any injuries/ damages, then you will be given 6 points. You will not be given the option to attend traffic school to evade the points.

At this stage, you may be thinking that receiving points doesn’t sound that bad. However, depending on how often you receive speeding tickets and points, this could result in you losing your license.

For example, your license will be taken away for a month if you receive twelve points in twelve months. Having your driving license suspended can cause knock-on effects, such as not being able to drop your children off at school or travel to work.

If this is your first fine and you don’t currently have any points on your record, you may think that the outcomes will be less severe. However, any number of points on your driving record will result in insurance premium increases, and, in some cases, a judge can decide to suspend your license even with no prior points of your license.

How Your Speed May Have Been Recorded

The Florida Administrative Code website lists the types of approved measuring devices in Citrus County that can be used as evidence in court. Below are the most common ones used:

  • Radar speed detection – This type of measurement is the most common device used by police officers. They work by using radio waves that bounce off your car. This means that to get an accurate reading the radar gun needs to be within good sight of the vehicle. Also, the officer needs to have full training in how to use them, with a valid in-date license. If the reading is found to be inaccurate or the officer in question does not have valid training, then there can be a motion to dismiss the ticket.
  • Laser detection – This is the new replacement to radar guns. They may look alike but work completely differently. A laser detector shines a laser onto oncoming cars. By measuring how much time it takes to bounce back, it will then calculate the speed the vehicle was traveling at against the speed of light. This newer technology has proven to be more precise, making it more difficult to dismiss in court.

Depending on the device used to measure the speed you were traveling at, a skilled lawyer may be able to argue that the measurement was inaccurate, dismissing the speeding ticket.

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