Got Caught in Charlotte County Speeding Over 30 MPH?

When driving in the state of Florida, you have a responsibility known as a duty of care, which falls under Florida Statute 768.81. This means that when driving, you must follow the rules of the road. This is inclusive of sign posted speed limits. Speed limits are put in place to aid the flow of traffic but also to ensure your safety.

If you have broken the speed limit by a few miles and have not harmed anyone, there is a low chance of being pulled over. However, if you are apprehended for speeding at 30 mph or over the required limit, then you will be issued a speeding ticket and will be summoned to attend a court in Charlotte County.

There can be severe consequences if you are apprehended for driving 30 mph or above the signposted speed limit, not only are putting yourself at risk but also other people’s lives. Due to this, the consequences can be more severe. You will be given a speeding ticket, get points on your license, be summoned to court, and you may even have your driver’s license taken away.

At The Law Place, we suggest you gain counsel from an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer who will assist you in reducing the fine and/or will help fight the points on your driving record. If you have been caught out and received a speeding ticket in Charlotte County, do not think twice to get in contact, and we will review your case.

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Fines Associated With Your Speeding Ticket

Depending on which county you are apprehended speeding in, the fines can vary between $276 and $500. These can be raised if you have been caught speeding in a construction zone or school zone.

We suggest that you get advice from a reputable attorney that can aid you with your case. They may be able to help reduce the charges against you.

Other Issues Associated with Your Florida Speeding Fine

Usually, after being apprehended for speeding in Florida you will be issued a fine, which will need to be paid within a time limit. However, if you have been caught for speeding thirty mph above the stated limit, the outcome may be more severe, for example:

Mandatory Court Appearance

If you have been caught for speeding over thirty miles per hour over the set speed limit you will have to attend a court trial in Charlotte County. This may be of inconvenience to you as you may have to take time out of work to attend or travel if you were caught speeding in a different state to the one you live in. Fortunately your a ticket attorney can go on your behalf and fight your corner for you.

Do not attempt to make up any excuses as to why you were speeding, as no reasoning will be acceptable in the eyes of the court. It is best to not say anything, your reason will on be validated if you have tangible evidence. An attorney will give you advice and can also speak to the judge on your behalf.

Points on Your Driving Record

Upon being caught for speeding, a fine being issued is the least of your worries. If you are apprehended and found guilty for speeding over thirty miles per hour over the limit, you will be issued 4 points. Additionally, if your speeding resulted in a car accident, then you will be issued 6 points. Furthermore, you cannot attend traffic school to have the points removed from your driving record.

At this point, you may be thinking that getting points on your license doesn’t sound too bad. But, if you receive multiple speeding fines within a certain amount of time, you will lose your driving license. Specifically, your license will be revoked if you are given twelve points within twelve months.

If you no longer have a driving license, there will be consequences, such as not being able to drive to work or take your children to school. There will not only be financial costs but also day to day modifications, speeding is simply not worth the risk.

Depending on the circumstances of how you are caught speeding, even if it is your first time, you can still have your license taken away from you. Even if you do not have your license taken away and your attorney manages to reduce the fine, there will still be some form of financial consequences. For example, the cost of your car insurance will increase.

How Your Speed May Have Been Monitored

There are multiple ways that cars can be monitored for speeding. However, only a select few are valid to be used as evidence in court in Charlotte County. The Florida Administrative Code website list all methods that have been approved but these two are the most used:

  • Radar speed detection – A radar speed detector is the most common method used by law and police officers. To explain how they work, they use radio waves that are projected off of your car. This means that in order to get a precise reading, the radar gun will need to be at a good distance of the car in order to calculate the mph. Furthermore, the officer using the radar will need to have received training and given a license. However, if it is found that the police officer that pulled you over does not have a valid license or the reading is found to be inaccurate, then the judge can rule out the evidence.
  • Laser detection – A laser detector looks very similar to a radar gun but actually operates in a completely different way. Laser detection has started to replace the use of radar guns as the primary method of speed detection. To explain how they work, a laser detector emits a powerful laser that shines onto passing vehicles. It then measures how long it takes to come back against the speed of light, in turn, measuring the mph speed the car was traveling through this calculation. This type of evidence is difficult to dismiss in court as this new technology has been proved to be more accurate.

How an Attorney Can Help You

We highly recommend that you obtain the aid of a reputable attorney if you have been issued a speeding ticket for traveling at 30 mph or above the stated speed limit. If you seek advice from an attorney they will help lessen the charges and sometimes even have them dismissed. However, the final outcome will be dependent on the details of your case.

There is a chance that there could be a motion to dismiss if the measurement taken of your speed isn’t precise enough or if the police officer in question no longer has a valid license.

There is also another way that your attorney can ensure you receive no points on your driving license. An experienced and skilled attorney may be able to persuade the judge to withhold adjudication if certain requirements are met. This could mean that you will have to not commit any other traffic violations within a set time frame. Although this will save your license and all of the hassle that comes with losing it, you will still need to pay the fine.

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